Max-Out (Postcard)

VIN2-1 $8.99

Made by Vinsia Maharaj

4" x 6" or 5" x 7"
16pt card stock, 350gsm
Matte finish

Max-Out your potential. It’s one thing to understand your potential, or have many people tell you “you’re talented” or “you have tons of potential.” But what are you doing to maximize it to the best of your ability? Maxing out your potential could mean going to an extreme to work hard, or it could mean you conquer your daily obstacles with a positive mindset.

I’m a big sucker for handwritten cards, it’s a personal, intimate way of expressing gratitude, admiration and love. In today’s digital world and instant messaging, postcards are a special way to lift up someone’s day. Get your postcards written out and send them to your favourite people, all around the world! Once your loved one receives their postcard, tell them to send me a photo of it! I’d love to repost it.