Varma's Orange (Poster)

VIN3-POS $16.99

Made by Vinsia Maharajah

12" x 18"
100lb glossy text stock
Does not include frame

Varma's Orange is an anime-inspired recreation of the classic "Ravi Varma" oil painting. Anime was a very big part of my childhood life; I grew up with Pokemon, Digimon, Inu Yasha, Deathnote, and Sailor Moon. I also grew up watching Tamil movies, and I wanted to fuse the two sets of aesthetics into one.

Got an empty space on the wall, door, window, or ceiling you want to cover up with art? My posters will do just that! Minimalist decor is cool and all, but add a pop of colour to your space with a fun poster print. Take a creative shot of your room with the poster, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #thevisionaryshop, and you’ll be reposted to my story or feed!